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Trust Chatagnier Law Office to assist with expanding your family through adoption

Whether you are a potential adoptive parent or the parent of a child being adopted, you can rely on Chatagnier Law Office to help you through the strict adoption process. We can be an invaluable asset with any adoption case, including:

Private adoptions. Let us take the stress away by allowing us to assist with your private adoption. We will work directly with the necessary local, state and federal agencies to make sure that all important paperwork is completed correctly and submitted quickly.
Intrafamily adoptions. Our attorney can help you adopt a child you’re biologically related to.
Adult adoptions. Adoptions aren't only for children! We can work with persons over 18 to assist with an adult adoption.
Name changes. Whether in connection with an adoption, or because of a personal decision,our attorney can help you legally change your first or last name. We will make sure the appropriate agency completes and issues an updated birth certificate.

We’ll give your case meticulous attention so that we don’t miss anything. No matter how long the process takes, we’ll provide the legal and emotional support you need to see your case through to the end.

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Trust a compassionate attorney to help expedite the adoption process

Trust a compassionate attorney to help expedite the adoption process

The attorney at Chatagnier Law Office is well-experienced in adult, private and intrafamily adoptions. To better assist you during the process, our attorney can:

  • Educate you on the legalities of your case
  • Ease your concerns about the unknown and explain the process
  • Help locate an absent parent
  • Ensure the legal process is completed appropriately and fully

We will take all necessary actions to ensure a smooth adoption process.

Choose a reputable family law attorney to provide the resources you need for your adoption. Contact Chatagnier Law Office in Thibodaux, LA today.