Custody and Visitation

Protect the Best Interest Of Your Child

Child custody and visitation in Thibodaux, Louisiana

No two children are the same and custody and visitation arrangements should be anything other than cookie cutter. You have a right to have input and involvement in custody and visitation schedules for your child. At Chatagnier Law Office, we are here to make sure that your voice is heard and all relevant factors are considered when dealing with the custody and care of your children.

Melanie Chatagnier has over ten years of experience in assisting individuals with all types of custody actions, including:

  • Crafting parental custody & visitation arrangements during divorce proceedings
  • Setting custodial schedules for non-married parents
  • Obtaining Grandparents visitation and custody rights
  • Modifying current custody schedules based on the changing needs of your family
  • Establishing paternity, initiating disavowal of paternity and avowal actions
  • Proposed Relocations of Children

Every family situation is different, but the commitment of Chatagnier Law Office to protect your family and your child’s best interests remains the same. Contact us today to schedule your free 30 minute consultation.