Whether you are eligible to receive support on behalf of your child or whether you are obligated to pay child support, Chatagnier Law Office is here to help make sure that the child support calculations are accurate and that the correct financial information is utilized in determining the payment amount.

Many factors are relevant in connection with child support. Some factors include:

  • The income of the parents
  • Number of children
  • Health and medical insurance payments
  • Tuition and education expenses
  • Income tax dependency deduction and earned income credit

The attorneys at Chatagnier Law Office can assist you in obtaining child support, terminating child support, modifying child support and collecting back child support.


When going through a divorce, the financial changes can be as overwhelming as the emotional changes. Let the attorneys at Chatagnier Law Office assist you with interim or final spousal support. Whether you are in need of spousal support or you are responsible for paying spousal support, the attorneys at Chatagnier Law Office will make sure that all financial information is accurate and accounted for before it is considered in a support determination.

Financial decisions have long lasting effects. Make sure your interests are protected and call Melanie Chatagnier at Chatagnier Law Office today.